John's Welding and Fabrication

Surplus Equipment for Sale
Over time we have acquired some equipment that we just don't use anymore and it is time to find it a new home. Hope you see something you need and can use.
Steel fuel tank.  2' x 2' x 4' 119 Gallons $100.00
Gravity Roller Conveyors.  16" width @ $100.00 each. Two 10' sections, one 4' section. 36" Width @  $200.00 each. Five 10' sections. 
Steel Air tank.  211 Gallons capacity. 4' x 3' diameter.
80 Gal. propane tank. $75.00
80 Gal. propane tank.  $75.00
60 Gal. plastic fuel/liquid tank.  $40.00
Miller SP-22 wire feeder, gun, rollers, 75' 14-pin power cable and welding cable.  Leather cable protector.  Excellent condition, one owner!  $1100.00
Victor Model 591 strip cutter for use with machined torch only. It is designed to accept two tips for use with a common torch. New cost: $631.00 Your cost  $200.00
Victor MT 310A long barrel machine torch. Three hose.  NEW $560.00 Your Price: $200.00
Victor MT 5 short barrel machine torch. Three hose.  NEW: $469.00  Your price: $200.00
1/4" cutting hose.  50' and about 30'.  $30 for both.
3/8" cutting hose.  Both pieces approximately 50' long.  $40.00 for both.  
Spray Master MIG gun.  $25.00 
Tweco MIG gun.  Swivel neck.  $25.00
Tweco MIG gun.  $25.00
Tweco MIG gun. $25.00
Tweco MIG gun.  $25.00
Braden AMS3-10, 10000#  winch.  Retail price $ 3100.00 Your price $1850.00
This unit works great, just changed the oil in gear box.  You can turn the sprocket by hand.  Ready to go to work.